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2017 : Stay tuned for news about "their 22nd annual family musical" at Toronto's elgin theatre (during the 2017-18 winter season) 

Ross Pretty Productions is pure entertainment for families, including teenagers (because the show has a knack for including pop culture references everywhere they can). Traditionally, it involves a villain impersonated by Ross Petty himself, who everyone loves to hate. The show is totally unapologetic about taking all the liberties it wants from the original fairy tales they are based upon. From songs complete with dances choreographed in a hilarious cartoon-like fashion, to elaborate costumes, decor and live orchestra, all contribute to the appeal of this seriously goofy entertainment.

In every production, expect a star from another discipline. In the past years, we've seen a star ballet dancer, famous television host, popular ice skater and even a professional wrestler. Most of the time, you can count on a male actor playing a female role (a tradition in the pantomime genre). The production for Christmas 2013 is The Little Mermaid (with So You Think You Can Dance Canada's winner Jordan Clark). A tradition in the show which craks me up is how the characters are "hired" to be part of an ad for the sponsors of the event (we're presented the ads on a large screen).

I think the best time to see this show is after December 25, when we're still in a festive mood but already feeling Christmas is dangerously fading away! But if you go on a week day before December 19, you'll find good seats at the cheaper price of $32 per person. Before or after the show, don't forget to admire The Bay's Christmas windows right at Yonge and Queen!

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