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Niagara Glen Trail (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

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The trail of Niagara Glen is packed with surprises at every turn over a short distance. The natural setting is so strong, with bold features, it is sure to melt any teenager’s resentment over having been taken out of his little bubble (well, that was my good friends’ experience). The stroll starts with a 4-storey high metal staircase (which we can't see from the parking lot) taking us down the trail, a promising start for young adventurers. The Eddie Path includes stone stairs carved into the rock. The River Path allows you to find your way to the river. Walking downstream, you will be able to find paths (look hard) to reach the large boulders by the water. This is where you will probably see many whirlpool jet boats as you sit to watch the strong current. The perfect spot for a picnic with older kids. If follow the trail downstream, you'll reach the Cobblestone Path (another great rocky section) goin up and eventually reaching the path that will lead you back to the staircase to your left. The gift shop/ticket booth provides maps of the trails but to play on the safe side (in case they ran out of maps) I suggest you download the trail map in PDF from their website.

Here's the link to the attractions in Niagara Falls, a 10-minute drive from the Niagara Glen Trail.

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