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Johanne Pepin is the whimsical illustrator behind the colourful covers of my three guides. She and I go way back! Here are a few funnies we came up with in 2007 to amuse the readers of Pause, an eNewsletter supporting the online resource for Ontario teachers eWorkshop I was working on at the time. Here they are, with the accompanying texts (meant for teachers).

February issue

Aaah! The joy of getting gifts from the heart! After a moment of panic, you realize all you need to do is gracefully accept the gift and "save" it for later. What really matters is acknowledging the special part you play in your students' lives.

March issue

By the time you're finished with the last, it is time to start over with the first. This feeling of being caught in a loop is never more true than in winter with its lot of wet boots, lost mittens and stocked zippers. Hang on! The cold season is almost over!

April issue

We all start the school year with grand ambitions: our classroom will be impeccable, our desk super-organized, everything under control at any time, etc,... Then, reality sinks in. But take heart! The word out there is that chaos breeds creativity.

May issue

June issue

In this line of work, one really has to be ready to jump through all sorts of hoops! You didn’t read the fine prints where it mentioned that you would have to show up with the appropriate attire for Pyjama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Upside Down Day, Halloween, school plays, 20-minute daily vigorous activity sessions, etc… Don’t worry, ridicule has never killed anyone.

September issue

It's one thing to manage a group inside the classroom. It's quite another to supervise hundreds of kids let loose in the school yard during recess. But relax! Within a few weeks, you'll know which activity is suited to which grade, what are the games kids love most and who they choose to play with, what everyone's favourite hiding spots are, etc. Pretty soon, recess supervision will become.child's play!

Good news! 

For years, Johanne Pepin has created fantastic murals for, an onlne company specializing in prepasted murals. Most of Johanne's creations are 8" by 8" (64 sq. ft) and cost $269 o less. A fantastic and easy way to dress-up a bedroom, a playroom, a basement or a classroom!



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Nathalie's tips for a smooth outing

After years of doing all kinds of outings with my children, I can assure you the secret to a perfect outing lies in the details, not the destination.


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