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Laser Quest Toronto East (Scarborough)

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On our way back from Laser Quest, our companions aged 7 to 9 were still beaming from their first laser game experience which even their mothers had thoroughly enjoyed. Let me tell you aerobic exercise has never been more fun! From the science fiction inspired airlock where we put on our equipment, we entered a vast two-level maze of walls riddled with large holes, filled with loud music and fog. The laser beams reached as far as we wanted them, amazingly bright. Warning! This fun game turned we loving mothers into aggressive amazons eliminating anyone in our way. Feels good to show the kids once in a while!

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  • Thursday, 10 August 2017 posted by Lisa

    I didn't know Laser Quest hired 5 year-olds as managers. First time we went for their KeyQuest escape room, we called and tried to book one day in advance. Was told that they needed more time to set up the room so we couldn't do the room we wanted (the cell). So we were given the "Detention" room which btw, was a horribly designed escape room. All there is is just a room with a table. Bunch of puzzles on the table, and THAT'S IT. So after that disappointing experience, we wanted to actually try The Cell since it seems like there will be more to it. We called 4 days in advance to book, paid $37 to make the reservation (which is ridiculous for a shotty escape room like Laser Quest). We got there the day of, and was told that they couldn't give us The Cell as they are missing pieces, so they were gonna give us The Detention AGAIN. We told them we've done that one before and booked way in advance to give them time to prepare and set up for The Cell, so the 5 yo (Tan Asian girl in case you guys are wondering. She's also got a really bad attitude) told us that she was gonna go speak with a manager. Came out 2 mins later telling us the same thing - missing key pieces (which is what, locks? Gave you 4 days notice, couldnt have just gone to Dollarama and grabbed the "missing pieces"? 4 days was not enough to fix your "pieces"?). Anyway, so we resorted to asking to do the 3rd theme, which is Vacation. She said can't do that either, because they don't know how the room works so couldn't give us hints if we needed them. We said we could try and do it anyway. She refused and started yelling at us and throwing a tantrum because they're too lazy to 1. fix the missing pieces of The Cell; 2. spend the time to actually LEARN THEIR OWN ESCAPE ROOMS THAT THEY'VE BEEN ADVERTISING ON THEIR WEBSITE FOR SO LONG. So we asked whether the manager would know how the room works, then she proceeded to tell us that SHE IS THE MANAGER. LOL. So she left for 2 minutes to go speak with herself maybe? Anyways, DO NOT EVEN TRY TO DO THE ESCAPE ROOMS AT LASER QUEST. They are not what they were advertised to be. AND the staff did NOT owe up to what they had done wrong (which is actually the worst part).

  • Tuesday, 19 March 2013 posted by Brendan Higgins

    This place rocks! You can build up a sweat while shooting your friends and family. Enough said.

    10/10 for fun

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