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Woodie Wood Chucks in Scarborough (Scarborough)

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A kid-friendly interior

This attraction is now closed.

Neon lights, machine noises and children's screams bouncing off cement walls, all combine in a cacophony for the senses that could make you want to turn around as soon as you've stepped in. A quick glance at your child's excited look will convince you to stay. This playground is huge. It includes a section of some 60 token games but its main attraction is the imposing play area spread over two floors. large modules are connected by transparent tunnels or suspended bridges. All abound with hidden corners to explore. Ropes, slides, an enclosure filled with balls, boxing cushions, ladders; everything has been planned for the enjoyment of young climbers. Beware, new parents who tend to be a bit more nervous than old timers, it is very easy to loose sight of your child in this maze (adults are normally not allowed when the playground is too busy). There's a smaller area for younger children. The place also includes a mechanical band on a small stage. In addition, there's a large central area with tables, surrounded by bay windows. It is a great refuge for adults with sensitive hearing or with babies. Note that they don't have such a room in their Mississauga location.

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  • Sunday, 15 June 2014 posted by Kakei

    It is unfortunately closed. There is a notice on the door that says (I'm paraphrasing) "it is with heavy heart that we choose not to renew the lease".

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